Ayrton Senna F1 Photo Archive

SLF1 is a motorsport photographic, archive and research agency consisting of 5000+ photos taken during the golden era of Formula 1 from 1979-1992.

Having remained in the photographer's private collection, SLF1Photo.com is the exclusive outlet for these photographs which have, until now, never been published or seen before.

The extensive archive is a valuable resource for authors and journalists researching a particular team, driver, car, Grand Prix or season, and can also be used to enhance the provenance and value of an owner's car or item of memorabilia.

The archive showcases the work of Lee Cunningham whose passion for motorsport ignited at 11 years old when his Father took him to the 1977 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch. Inspired by the likes of James Hunt, Niki Lauda and Gilles Villeneuve, Lee would attend races, collecting his heroes' autographs and coupled his love of motorsport with photography when he was gifted his first SLR camera for his 13th birthday.

SLF1 Photographic - Lee Cunningham

Over the next 13 years, Lee travelled the world, following the F1 circus to selected Grand Prix and attended some of the most well-remembered races, from which he holds fond memories, particularly from being at the scene of the spectacular turbo era of the 80s.

The arrival of a young Brazilian named Ayrton Senna in the mid-80s made way for more historic moments captured through Lee's lens and a large proportion of the SLF1 archive is dedicated to the 3-time World Champion.

The Collection takes a more unique and intimate look at some of the greatest drivers, not only of the era, but in the history of the sport itself, including Senna, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell to name a few.